Would you like to join our healthcare team?

Our healthcare team travel with us on pilgrimage every year are volunteers. We do not employ them to come with us. This means that we rely entirely on the very generous offer of help from healthcare professionals who agree to travel with us.

Our healthcare team is made up of allied health professionals who work in many different areas. Some have been working in Lourdes for a number of years.

In Lourdes the healthcare team are fully responsible for the day to day care and medication of our assisted pilgrims who stay in the Accueil Marie St.Frai.

In Lourdes everyone is made welcome and cared for.

The healthcare team cares for the assisted pilgrims 24 hours a day, there are two shifts during the day and one at night. Each  shift has at least two qualified nurses and a number of volunteers (hospitalitiers).

Above all you have the opportunity to sit and talk with our assisted pilgrims in the Accueil and can make a huge difference to their pilgrimage experience.

If you would like further information or have any specific questions about working as a member of the healthcare team in Lourdes please contact the pilgrimage office or email : Healthcare@liverpool-lourdes.co.uk.